We help Catholics share their Catholic faith with more confidence (even if you are afraid of offending people, or have no idea what to say).

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  • You're afraid of offending people 

    Worried what people will think if you were to open up about your faith? Afraid you will offend someone if you share Catholic Church teachings with them? Learn how to navigate discomfort and how to begin with relationship in this free resource.

  • You don't know what to say

    Do you avoid potential faith filled conversations because you don't feel educated or experienced to talk about your Catholic faith? Think you need to be a catechism expert, or know your Bible better in order to evangelize? Learn why your personal story is so important to the work of evangelization in this free resource. 

  • You don't know how to make time for it in your busy life

    Life can feel very busy- but it is very possible to make time for what matters. Learn how to apply.a "missionary gaze" to all you do, so evangelization simply becomes part of your day-to-day activities and not another thing on a "to-do" list with this free resource. 

Want to learn how to share your Catholic faith with more confidence?

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The work of the new evangelization is as urgent as ever. Over the last decade, Michael has been a leader in forming and equipping Catholics to take up the call to bring Christ to the world.  He has a great deal to offer anyone who wishes to respond more faithfully to Christ's invitation to make the Gospel known.

Ralph Martin

Renewal Ministries

Michael and Josh are contemporary leaders in the New Evangelization. They understand the culture and how to engage within that culture, in order to bring the clear and transformative message of the gospel to a world in great need of it. What makes them so effective is their commitment to go beyond talking of the need, but to actually embrace the practical “how to” of evangelizing.  It would be of great help to any Catholic who is wanting to evangelize to take a lesson to what they have to say.

Andre Regnier

Founder, Catholic Christian Outreach

U Evangelize helped me to understand that evangelization is part of my baptismal call- not just a job for priests or people who work for the Church. It's a job for me too. This resource helped me gain confidence to open up conversation with family and invite them all to an Alpha. 

Karen Tam

Vancouver, BC


Evangelization happens one person, and one heart at a time. 

And when we understand it is the Holy Spirit that converts, and not us, we simply get to respond to where the Spirit leads us.

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You will journey alongside other committed missionary disciples from around the world, united in the shared goal of sharing the Gospel, one heart at a time.


You will learn how to confidently share the Gospel in the modern world, using modern methods, and feel confident in your identity as a missionary disciple. 


Discuss current methods for evangelization in the changing world with Catholics just like you who are aiming to spread the Gospel.

Change lives

You will learn how to change lives and bring others the true joy and fulfillment that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. 

The New Evangelization begins with you.

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